Do you have an idea but you’re not sure what the next steps are to developing it? Do you have a product or prototype but are finding it difficult to get your foot in the door at the appropriate company? We can help and make sure you and you’re idea are fully protected.

We at Link Group International are experts in the business of product development. We work with top companies and manufacturers around the world and our strong relationships with key decision makers enable us to significantly shorten the time it usually takes to go through the submission process.

We can help you at any stage of your development: researching the market, patent and legal advice, manufacturing/sourcing, licensing your product and negotiating the royalty. All aspects of this are included in our partnership arrangement.

All submissions by inventors are confidential and we sign non disclosures before discussing them.

Link Group has successfully placed numerous products for inventors as well as co-developed products for the marketplace.

If you have a technology, mechanism or process, we can work with you to broaden your applications and put you in multiple markets.


In summary, Link works with inventors to:

Research the market to identify viability and competetive products.

Ensure your idea does not infringe other intellectual property.

License products that are complete and ready for market.

Co-develop products and make them ready to license.

Apply technologies and mechanisms to new product opportunities.


We look forward to assisting you with your ideas.