Here is a sampling of products we have licensed in the marketplace.


Angry Birds Flick Stix


A fun game to play anywhere….Angry Birds style! Just a flick of your wrist launches the Angry bird soaring through the air for your friends and family to catch with the velcro’d paddles!

This is a collaboration with an inventor that we successfully licensed applying the Angry Birds license!








Click to see commercial!

AngryBirds FlickStix – YouTube



Domino Rally Line

The latest exciting edition to Domino Rally… Domino Express – Star Wars!



The Domino Rally line consists of themed action sets incorporating featured stunts such as rocket launchers & planes that set off more dominos or display an exciting grand finale! Some of the set themes include: Basic Set, Intermediate Set, Deluxe Set, Spectacular Stunt Set, Super Stunt Set, Neon Super Deluxe Set, Glow in the Dark Ghost Ride Set, Glow in the Dark Set, Adventure Set, All American Glider Starter Set, Neon Starter Set, Glow in the Dark Starter Set, Pathmaker Set, Extreme Action Set, Dino Roar Set, Spider Kick-Out Set, and the Mountain Bike Adventure Set



Domino Express Starter













Domino Rally 2012 Line

Skull Island


Domino Rally Skull Island  –

Click link to view TV Commercial










Pirate Prison Escape













Pirate Treasure Hunt













Ultimate Adventure


























Karate Kid action figure line for first movie – (few examples from line)


These action figures were a first of their kind with Tri-Action chops, twists & kicks as well as breakaway wall, board & chain accessories for realistic action replicated from the movie!



Batman Action Figure Line for first movie (few examples from line)


Batman, Joker & Bob the Goon. Batman’s belt is retractable, Joker squirts you with his “acid” orchid, Bob the Goon has fighting moves!

Batwing fires missiles and has a hand activated claw for grabbing villains!!


Marvel Action Figures (few examples from line)








DC Comics Super Heroes

The Flash with Turbo Platform – Spring activated arm movement create a high speed running action along with a turbo platform with pull back mechanism to propel The Flash to “Speed of Light” illusion

Two-Face – A spin of his coin changes him from good guy to evil mastermind

The Flash – Accelerated arm movement creates high speed action

Green Lantern – His emerald ring has water-powered jet stream action. Comes with glow in the dark, kid sized ring.

Hawkman – Unique flapping wing action with detachable ball & chain accessory

Aquaman – Mechanical swim-kick action, Detachable trident & seahorse accessories






The Penguin – Action umbrella “pops” when activated

Lex Luthor – Button activated power punching action with briefcase & accessories

Mr. Freeze – Amazing color change skin reaction when exposed to higher temperatures

The Riddler – Cleverly equipped with 6 pre-printed riddles to leave as clues for evil deeds

Superman – Magnetic action has Superman falter when exposed to Kryptonite. Kid sized Kryptonite ring included

Robin – Button activated, action karate chop feature. Has Batarang, Grapple line & detachable cape

Wonder Woman – Action power arm that actually throws the “Golden Lasso of Truth”




Santas Action Word line for Kurt Adler


The Santa’s Action World line are products we have developed and continue to develop for Kurt Alder for the past 15 years that incorporate technology and action to the otherwise traditional Christmas and seasonal business.

The first product in the line was Bradley the Bubble Blowing Bear that was awarded Best Christmas Ornament of the Year!  Additional bubble blowing themes followed.


Bradley the Christmas Bubble Blowing Bear!


Santa’s Action World bubble ornaments. Their wands automatically dip into bubble liquid and blow tons of bubbles!


Carolin’ Critters musical plush



Pig, Cow, Dog & Cat sing Christmas carols in their own voices!


Amusing Crashing Witch looks as if she’s flown and crashed into your door!


Elvis CD ornament, plays licensed song!




Kodak For Kids Line – (item from line shown) Flexible Flashlight







Gravity defying stunt tracks had vehicles able to perform loop to loops & climb walls!




WWF full line of indoor & outdoor products


Stone Cold Steve Austin Safe guarded a child’s room with serious Stone Cold authority!



Art & Activity 










FLIP ‘EM FLOPS   Stylish flip flops with interchangeable ribbon straps allow you to wear a different style every day of the week!




SPIFFY SPA Decorate slippers and toes with coordinated nail polish, stickers & adornments for creative spa fun!


COUNT OUT LOUD FROGGY Dip Froggy into the water and he counts out loud!


TUB TARGET SCREAMING MONSTERS Screaming Monsters Tub Targets let you aim, squirt and hear one of three fun sound effects! Suctions to tub wall.




Tug n’ Treat pet toy




Interactive tug toy that has 2 levels of difficulty built in…simply twist for lighter or tougher release….when the dog “wins” and pulls the tug apart, treats are dispensed!





Easy Flow Pill Swallowing Aid helps people who have difficulty swallowing pills overcome it. You simply place Easy Flow into the top of a beverage bottle and drop your pill on the grid. Drink normally and the pill goes down naturally with the flow of the beverage. No more bad tasting pills! Compact size allows you to take easily on the go.  Visit the Facebook page for more info and if you’d like to purchase one click the link to the website below. It’s only $3.99 with Free shipping in the U.S.!